Thursday, March 22, 2012

We are moving to Washington D.C.!

Okay so we already moved...I'm a little behind...and technically we live in Fairfax, Virginia but Washington D.C. makes us sound hipper so I'm gonna go with that.

My plane ticket when we came to visit our new home...and one of the first times Hannah Whitson was printed!!

Our new stomping grounds. 

After looking at about twenty apartments we finally narrowed it down to one. We both love the kitchen and it had tons of windows and doors. So far we like it a lot. 

 The entry way

 Our kitchen

 The large second bedroom

 The living room with lots of light

Once we are all moved in I will post pictures of the finished product. 
It's a long process especially when you have as much crap  stuff as we do. 
I may just start throwing stuff outside and hope that someone comes by and picks it up. 

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