Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Hutch

You can stop waiting in anticipation the hutch pictures are finally being posted. Let me just say that I love my hutch that my husband built me! It is perfect! Now I can finally fit most of our kitchen stuff in the kitchen. With out further ado, I present to you...The Hutch.

This is what we ordered from Amazon....

This is what arrived...

But of course we couldn't just stop there. The Hutch had to be painted too...but first spray paint.

Finally after two weeks of painting (done by me), assembling (done by the husband), and waiting for an important missing piece to be delivered...The Hutch we finished. 

I'm pretty much obsessed with it.

Oh, we also got new couches. We are growing up so fast. 

(That is Bizarre Foods on the t.v. in case you were wondering.)

Now that The Hutch is finished the kitchen is finished too!

Our apartment is starting to look great! Pictures to come of the dining nook and second bedroom. Our bedroom should be finished in about 5 years from today. I don't like to talk about that room. 

Hannah Estelle

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