Monday, July 30, 2012

Since I've Been Gone...

I'm just going to pretend that my last post wasn't 3 1/2 months ago. Moving on... In the past couple of months one of my best friends, Ashley, came to visit me in D.C.

She got the full D.C. experience, including about a 7 mile walk around all of the monuments. I decided next time I did that I would rent a bike...and several weeks later one of my other best friends, Anna, came to visit and we rented bikes! That is definitely the way to go. I am becoming quite the little D.C. tour guide. 

Anna and I in front of The Hutch
(Hair and photography courtesy of the very talented Mr. Whitson) 

Somewhere in between that time my parents came to visit! It was so nice to have them here. I miss living 10 minutes away from them. We had a jam packed schedule full of shopping, cooking, eating, and seeing the sites. 

Steve and Patti. Aren't they so cute?

The husband and I are now Mount Vernon members. I think that means we are locals now. 

They rented a tandem bike when they visited at the monuments. Oh how I wish I could've seen that. 

Patti and I doing what we do best, shopping at Anthropologie. 

I firmly believe I have the best parents in the world.
We have had a steady flow of visitors and I love it! I hope all of our family and friends come to visit us while we are in this historical city. 

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