Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The 4th of July!

We took full advantage of the fact that we live in D.C. and traveled to the capitol to watch the PBS Capitol 4th concert and see the fireworks from the lawn of the capitol!

Our metro ride down to D.C....the ride back was not quite as enjoyable. Trying to get home along with hundreds of thousands of other people was oh so exciting. 

Going through security with the masses in 100 degree heat. That was the first time I would admit it was hot here. 

A Capitol Fourth!!

Look at how close we were to the Capitol?! This is without zoom

Megan Hilty!
Hosted by the one and only Tom Bergeron

Phillip Phillips! 
The concert also included some Olympians, a famous composer, and last but not least Josh Turner!
It was awesome to spend the 4th of July in our nations capitol! 

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