Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tour de Eastern States: Part 2

Next stop: Gulf Shores, Alabama!! I had never been there before and we were both so excited to spend some time on the beach and in the ocean.

We enjoy looking out at the water and being photographed.

Sam is a beach baby

Our amazing sand castle!! Notice the tunnel I created.

Looking at these pictures makes me want to go back! 

We stayed at Gulf Shores for the night and then headed to Savannah, Georgia. It's about halfway to D.C. and my cousin lives there so it worked out perfectly.
I could kick myself for not getting any pictures with him and his family...but I did get some of downtown Savannah!

Setting up for the farmers market. I love the spanish moss!

We ran through downtown before we began the last leg of our trip. Downtown was to cool and different from anywhere I have ever been. I would love to visit again. 

We found the house from Savannah Nights! One of our favorite trainwrecks shows!

After Savannah we drove through South Carolina and North Carolina, more states I had never been to...and more trees.

Whelp that's our trip! I was not too happy to be headed back to D.C. (the land of no friends, no family, and no church home). I definitely cried about half the drive back; and told Sam, and I quote, "You probably shouldn't let me drive because I don't know where we will end up. You will wake up and we will be in Arkansas or something." BUT God is doing a work in me. I will elaborate about this in an upcoming post. 

Anyway, fortunately, I had something to look forward to when we got home. My sister was coming to visit!

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