Monday, August 2, 2010

Cart Girl

Today at my internship I got to go help at a charity golf tournament and...I loved it! So now I am thinking I need to figure out a way to incorporate that into my future career. If I typed in "sit at golf tee and give men drinks" into CareerBuilder or Indeed do you think anything would come up?

The answer to that question is yes. My new future aspiration is to be a Cart Girl. I will be hanging the picture below on my bathroom mirror so everytime I look at it I can be reminded to not give up on my dream of becoming a cart girl.

But not to worry, my dream does not stop there. Eventually, with practice, I hope to become Cart Girl of the Month at Avid Golfer Magazine. Maybe the current Cart Girl can mentor me.
Do you think a masters degree is required or just preferred?
Well, either way, I will not give up on my dream.


  1. your dreams and aspirations inspire me, i hope you know that.

  2. wow this is truly inspirational.