Sunday, August 8, 2010


So I got asked the question today
"Why do you want a job?"
To which I answered
"So I can get an apartment and move out of my parents house."
To which they replied
"Is that the only reason?"
My immediate reaction in my head was
"Is that not a good enough reason?"

This got me thinking. Why is it I want a job? I feel like if I can answer this question it may help in my career search, or maybe exploration is a better way to describe it than search.
This also got me thinking. What is the reason for me having a job? What is the reason for anyone having a job for that matter? If you are a Christian, than the ultimate purpose for your life is to glorify God and share Him with nonbelievers. So if that is the case why are only a handleful of Christians considered "full-time missionaries"? Shouldn't we all be full-time missionaries? The answer to the second question is easy...yes. Whether we live it out is one thing but the answer is yes. I think the answer to the first question is just as simple. We don't have to be missionaries to a far away land to reach people for Christ. We can do it all the time, in everyday situations and that will make us "full-time missionaries".
So the answer to my original question should be, "I want a job so I can glorify God and share Him with those around me." Like I said my answer SHOULD be, I need to work on making it what it is. I think I have lost sight of the responsibility I have as a Christian to bring others to Christ. I need to work on that this year.

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  1. Wow Hannah! That is so true. In whatever job you end up in you will have so many opportunities to be a "missionary"- Missionaries are definitely needed in the American workplace. If you want another biblical reason to get a job, check out Ephesians 4:28-